In this irish jig fiddle tutorial, I’ll teach you a lovely Irish tune called The Clare Shout jig. I believe this tune was written by Bobby Gardiner in 1995 to celebrate Clare’s win in the 1995 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship final.on button accordian. It’s a great fiddle tune too though!

The match, on 3 September 1995, was between Clare and Offaly. Clare won on a score line of 1-13 to 2-8. It was Clare’s first All-Ireland title since 1914.

The Clare Shout, in celebration of Clare's All Ireland Victory in 1995

The Clare Shout jig is a really fun tune to play on the fiddle. It has a slightly tricky passage in the B-part which is a good exercise in solid left-hand technique in combination with some string crossing with the bow. But we will break it down in detail and look out how we can learn and practice ‘tricky’ passages.

In this lesson, I go in to a load of detail on a few different techniques: double string crosses; block, bar (or invisible string!) chords. These will be really useful techniques not just in this tune, but in lots of other Irish fiddle tunes.

Once we’ve worked all that out, I’ll help you add in some simple fiddle ornamentation to this tune.

I hope you enjoy learning The Clare Shout jig. If you enjoyed this lesson, do take a look at my Irish fiddle courses, where I teach lots of other great tunes, bowing techniques and ornamentation, and let you in on my best practice tips and tricks.

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