Online Irish fiddle courses

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My fiddle courses will help you take your Irish fiddle playing further.

I have a FREE online Irish fiddle course, with 10 in-depth Irish fiddle lessons, to level up your fiddle playing.

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Irish fiddle resources

Free Irish fiddle Lessons online

My online irish fiddle courses include a FREE course on Irish fiddle. You’ll find video lessons on how to play some of the different types of Irish tunes, such as jigs, reels, hornpipes and polkas.

But you will also learn so much more than just the tunes.

I’ll introduce you to aspects of left-hand technique and bowing that will really elevate your playing.

We will talk about slurs and where to place them. You will also learn some of the key pieces of Irish fiddle ornamentation and bowing techniques.

The lessons in my free online Irish Fiddle Course are suitable for a range of abilities, from novice fiddlers to more advanced players. There is sheet music available for those that already read sheet music, but all tunes are also taught ‘by ear’ through video lessons.

I’ve also included a few of my favourite practice tips, exercises, and other bits of advice.

These lessons are based on my experience teaching Irish fiddle to fiddlers of all standards, over some 2000+ hours of one-to-one teaching experience. All my lessons draw on my own study with some of the best fiddlers around today; and on my study of Teaching Irish Traditional Music with the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

I really hope you enjoy these free Irish fiddle lessons and that they can help you take your fiddle playing further.

My Free online Irish Fiddle course is just a taster of my Complete Irish Fiddler Course, which will be available here soon. In the Complete Irish Fiddler course, lessons will cover:

  • all 10+ different kinds of Irish fiddle ornamentation, how to practice them and where to use them
  • super useful exercises to practice tuning, tempo, rhythm, string crossing, tone and more
  • deep dive discussions on how to create pulse, lift and lilt through bowing, emphasis and rhythm
  • bowing techniques (like mid-bow emphasis; bowspeed control; bowing from the wrist) and bowing patterns (like cross- and circle-bowing; 3-3-2 patterns; types of emphasis and more)
  • all my tips, tricks and advice on practice, performance and approaches for ‘tricky’ tunes – including my game-changing advice on how to play fast!
  • using chords, drones, half chords, uni-chords and more
  • advice on joining sessions, playing with other instruments and players, creating ‘sets’ of tunes
  • ideas about improvisation and variation, and how to learn and practice these
  • ….and along the way we will learn some great tunes! Including my favourite settings of well-known session favourites, and some little-known gems! Not just jigs, reels, slipjigs, polkas and hornpipes; we will learn hop-jigs, slides, barndarnces, flings, strathspeys…!

If you really want to take your fiddle playing to the next level, register your interest using the button below. You’ll be first in line for the Complete Irish Fiddler course as soon as it is online!