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Are you looking for a fiddle teacher in Bristol? Or for online fiddle lessons? Or interested in future fiddle workshops in Bristol? Or online group workshops? Join my mailing list using the form below for priority access to lessons and workshops.

If you are interested in in-person lessons with a fiddle teacher in Bristol, UK, I offer one-to-one lessons from my bright, open teaching space in Brislington, BS4. If you don’t yet have a fiddle of your own, I also have some good quality student instruments that are available to use in lessons, and also available to hire for a small monthly fee.

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I also offer one-to-one fiddle lessons via Zoom video call. Using two cameras, and a professional level audio setup, these online lessons are just as good as in-person lessons. For an idea of how my fiddle lessons via zoom work, you can look at some of my free fiddle lesson videos, where I use the same set-up.

If you want to book one-to-one fiddle lessons, either in-person or online, you can also do so through my Book Lessons page.

Please do give me a follow on social media (Insta, Facebook, Youtube) where I also post free fiddle lesson videos for beginners and for improving players as well as fiddle tunes, fiddling tips and information about upcoming gigs and sessions.

If you want to get in contact with me directly, you can email me:

email: [email protected]