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Learning to play the ffiddle resources
Irish fiddle resources

Here are all my top resources for learning to play the fiddle – from beginner tips, to full-length video lessons. I hope that you will find these really useful, whether you are just starting out learning to play the fiddle, or are already an experience player.

Tips for the beginner fiddler

My top tips for fiddlers just starting out

Learn to play Irish fiddle ornaments

Learn how to play proper Irish fiddle ornamentation, including cuts, rolls, crans, bowed triplets, casadhs and more

Learning to play the fiddle without reading music

Do you need to be able to read music to play the fiddle? Absolutely not!

Beginner Irish jig fiddle tutorial

A full length video tutorial so you can learn a popular Irish jig on the fiddle, Out on the Ocean. For more video tutorials, do subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Learning to play traditional Irish fiddle music

How do you get that authentic traditional Irish fiddle sound?

Fiddle…or violin? What’s the difference

People often wonder what the difference is between a violin and fiddle. Let me explain…

Learning ‘by ear’

Some top tips on how to learn to play the fiddle by ear

Learn a traditional Irish polka

A full length video tutorial. Learn this popular Irish polka on the fiddle, called The Britches Full of Stitches. I break the tune down into short phrases, played through slowly so that you can learn this tune ‘by ear’. No reading music required!

Tips for practising fiddle ornamentation

When you are starting to add more ornamentation to your playing you may find the rhythm and flow of the tune can be disrupted. So it’s important to find some ways to practice your ornaments that keeps that rhythm and fluency – that all important ‘lilt’ – in the tune. So, here are my top tips for practising fiddle ornamentation.