Announcing… Straight from the Jug!

Straight from the Jug – proper traditional Irish instrumental music on uilleann pipes and fiddle, played with energy and drive!

Fiddle and uilleann pipes has for a long time been one of my favourite duo combinations in Irish traditional music. They just seem to complement each other so well, blending together but also filling in the gaps left by the other instrument. I love playing with good uilleann pipe players.

Straight from the Jug - proper traditional Irish instrumental music on uilleann pipes and fiddle

So, I’m thrilled to be playing in this duo project Straight from the Jug with a great uilleann piper, Dominic Henderson. Years ago, Dom and I used to play together regularly in South London, often to be found in the front window of the grand old pub The Antelope in Tooting on a Sunday afternoon (and then, quite likely, off to sessions at the Howl at the Moon in Hoxton, and then on to The Lamb in Camden!).

When I moved away from London, we had fewer chances to play together. But a couple of years ago, Dom moved over to Bristol and the South West’s hotbed of Irish traditional music(!). So we’ve been playing sessions together again, and re-finding our love of driving rhythmic tunes, as well as the opportunities of playing some slower reels and airs together.

We are available for bookings, for weddings, birthdays parties, garden parties — anywhere you want the sound of true traditional Irish music!

Straight from the Jug are…

Uillean piper, Dominic Henderson

Dominic Henderson is a renowned uilleann piper and whistle player from North London who earned his stripes as a teenager playing at sessions, before taking his talents further afield, qualifying for the All-Ireland uilleann pipe final in 2007.

Dominic has a keen interest in traditional piping, but his strength lies in a unique modern uilleann piping style which blends respect for the tradition with his own musical experimentation.

Fiddler, Bradon Smith

Bradon Smith is a respected fiddler player and fiddle teacher based in Bristol, UK. Classically trained but growing up in a folk family, Bradon has played folk fiddle since the age of 5. He is a well-known fiddle player on the Bristol, Bath, and London session scene.

Bradon also plays fiddle with Shanvaghera, a four piece band playing pure-drop Irish folk music.

He plays regularly for ceilidhs with Shanvaghera, as well as being a sought after fiddle player for other ceilidh bands in the South of England and beyond.

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