Free fiddle lessons for intermediate players

Here you can find a selection of my free fiddle lessons for intermediate players (or improving players). In each video I’ll take you through a tune at a slower tempo so that you can learn the melody. You can use the ‘playback speed’ button to slow the video down even more to help you learn the tune.

For more advanced players, I will play the whole tune through at a moderate tempo so that you can try to work it out for yourself.

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If these lessons are a little difficult for you at the moment, then do also look at my free fiddle lessons for beginners.

Here I’ll play the same tune as I might play it with all ornamentation and bowing, so you can see how you might end up playing the tune. So here is the same tune — The Shoemaker’s Daughter — with ornaments.

Fiddle players, if you would like to take your fiddle playing to the next level, take a look at my online fiddle courses, including my free Irish fiddle course.