Top tips for playing Irish fiddle

I want to share with you some my of top tips for playing Irish fiddle. These are tips and tricks which I have developed for my students across literally 1000s of hours of one-to-one teaching, specialising in playing Irish fiddle.

Top tips for playing Irish fiddle
Playing Irish fiddle for a ceilidh. Photo:

I want to show you:

— how to learn to play with good ornamentation

— some of my favourite bowing patterns for playing jigs, reels, hornpipes and polkas and how to practice them

— advice on how to make you practice more effective

— some of the exercises I’ve designed for my students that will really improve your playing

— how to get that elusive ‘pulse’, ‘lilt’ or ‘lift’ into your fiddle playing

I’ve already included lessons on some of these topics in my free online fiddle course. I will be gradually adding more videos here, and in my Complete Irish Fiddle Course. Head over to my Courses page to find out more, and sign up and to be the first to hear when the Complete Irish Fiddle Course is Live.

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