Learn Garrett Barry’s jig – Irish Fiddle lesson

Here I’m playing a really popular Irish jig, Garrett Barry’s jig — fiddle players will really enjoy learning this tune! In this video I am just playing through my version of the tune, but if this tune video proves popular then I will make a full tutorial of this tune with my suggestions for ornamentation, bowing and so on.

It is a well known tune that you will hear in traditional Irish sessions all over the world. If you would like to learn this great Irish jig with me on the fiddle, check back for a full tutorial soon, or sign up to my mailing list to be notified when I post the full lesson.

Garrett Barry’s jig – fiddle lesson

The tune is named after, and probably written by, Garrett Barry, who was one of the last great travelling uilleann pipers, from Inagh in County Clare. He was born during the Great Famine, and lost his sight as boy. He died in 1899.

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Garrett Barry's jig - fiddle lesson on youtube channel
Irish fiddle lesson on youtube channel

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  • Hello Brandon, discovered your channel/videos yesterday. As a long-time, self-taught adequate fiddle player, I ‘m so pleased I did. Really good stuff, with lovely tune selection. Many thanks, Martin

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