Learn The Banshee reel

In this fiddle lesson I will teach you the Banshee reel on the Irish fiddle. It is a really well known Irish session tune. It is in the key of G major. The Banshee was composed by the flute player James McMahon, from Fermanagh in Ulster, probably in the 1950s. McMahon was known for playing … Read more

The Clare Shout jig

In this irish jig fiddle tutorial, I’ll teach you a lovely Irish tune called The Clare Shout jig. I believe this tune was written by Bobby Gardiner in 1995 to celebrate Clare’s win in the 1995 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship final.on button accordian. It’s a great fiddle tune too though! The match, on 3 September … Read more

Learn… Paddy Fahey’s jig #4

Here is a video taking you through one of my favourite jigs, by the great Paddy Fahey, Paddy Fahey’s jig #4. You’ll also find my transcription of the sheet music below as well. If you find the video useful, please do subscribe to my Youtube channel for more tutorials.